About Us

Africa Trade Finance “ATF” is an Appointed Representative of Gallium Fund Solutions Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

ATF is a financial intermediary incorporated in the UK (2014) with its office located in the City of London.

It focuses on the origination of African trade finance transactions, with a target to accompany existing, new and non-traditional financiers, such as banks, funds, and


alternative lenders in their lending activities on Africa.

ATF has a solid network within leading African trade finance institutions, ​underpinned by a deep understanding of the risks associated with regional​ ​and pan African credit markets.

ATF’s strong technical expertise in trade finance structures and instruments,together with enhanced due diligence and governance, makes it a leader in African Trade market.

Our Services & Products

1- Correspondent banking and Credit lines for trade

ATF assist African banks and African related institutions to manage and expand their exposure with international counterparts in trade finance activities. Given our expertise in correspondent banking and trade finance services we are able to intermediate with international banks to set up banking relationships and trade finance lines to various African banking groups. We also provide African banks with funding capacities through traditional and non traditional trade financiers. ATF can provide advisory to banks in emerging markets to enhance their correspondent banking activities.

2. Trade Loan and structure trade financing

ATF has expertise in arranging trade loans and structured trade financing to African banks. We ensure disbursements of our trade loans in a timely manner and often attain over subscriptions. Various African banks have mandated us to arrange their trade loans and this help us on board an increasing number of borrowers and increasing amounts.

3- Standard trade instruments

ATF uses various trade instruments to support import to or export from Africa.
We intervene in particular in the funding requirements under trade products.
The instruments include but are not limited to:

  • Letter of Credit and Stand By Letter of credit
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Promissory note
  • Trade draft
  • Trade loan
  • Trade loan covered by Export Credit Insurance
  • Pre Export finance
  • Revolving corporate finance

And tailor made solutions that best fit the specific trade flow

4. Distribution of Trade assets

ATF’s network and relationship with trade financiers we believe ensures a successful track record in distribution of trade assets. ATF counterparts are international banks, regional banks, credit funds, forfaiting institutions and insurance companies. ATF have signed cooperation agreements with various lenders looking to build a performing and diversified trade finance portfolio on Africa.